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There are a lot of questions that occupy buyers when ordering from Orouba Center, and in order to answer all inquiries, we have included these common questions for you with their answers:


1/ How can I order a product from the Orouba Center store?

After entering the Orouba Center store and browsing the offered products; You can choose the product you want to purchase through

Click on the product and enter the required quantity and the color you prefer,

Then click on "Add to Cart".

After that, click on the "Continue Shopping" icon if you want more products,

Or by clicking "Checkout" if you have finished shopping.

You can also preview the basket with the selected products when clicking on the basket

Then log in to the Orouba Center store by entering your email address and password.


While you are a new user in the Orouba Center store, create a new user account by clicking on the icon "

Subscribe" shown at the top of the page.

After that, enter your first name, surname, email, correct mobile number and your password


Finally, agree to the terms and click Continue, and you are successfully registered, then click on the basket and complete the order

Then record your full address (city - neighborhood name - street name - and your nearest landmark)


Then choose the payment method that suits you


Finally, the application is approved and you will receive a message with the application number to your registered mobile phone and your e-mail.


2/ I paid the value of the purchases, what next?

We will immediately process the packaging and shipping process, and this process often takes from two to seven working days only, and the shipping process will be according to the region to which it is shipped.


3/ I placed an order today. When can I expect my shipment to arrive?

The delivery schedule for your order will depend on the product and the time you placed it. Visit the order tracking section, which is among our wonderful features located at the bottom of the page under the “Great Benefits” field, or click on the order number found in the order confirmation email to see the status of the shipment.


4/ What if I receive a product other than the one I ordered from the store, or I receive a product with a manufacturing defect?

We take care of the details of every order we receive, but if an error occurs, we will take care of shipping the product back to us, and in the event there is a manufacturing defect in the product, the customer has the option to either refund the value or send the ordered product and ship it for free.


5/ Can I return a product because I did not like it?

Yes you can! This is through the first day of receiving the order, and the customer bears the shipping cost, provided that the product has not been opened.


6/ My order has been shipped, what's the next step?

Review the SMS message on your mobile phone registered with us and also check the message in your email to know the policy number for your shipment.


7/ Can I change my address after ordering?

Unfortunately we can't do that after the order has been shipped.


8/ Is it possible to get free shipping when I buy from Orouba Center?

Yes, you can get free shipping when the value of your items exceeds 499 riyals and they are shipped free of charge to anywhere in the Kingdom.


9/ Are all the products available in the Orouba Center store original?

Yes, all products are original; They are international brands that are famous for their quality and the name of the brand appears on them. As for the products that do not contain a company name, they are products from high-quality, non-famous brands that we have carefully selected for you.


10/ Is the value of the products displayed in the store different from their value in the exhibition?

The original prices are exactly the same, and sometimes they differ only in the offers.


11/ Are all the products shown in the flyer and offers available in the store?

We try hard to have all the products shown in the flyers available in our store.


12/ What will happen if I miss the shipment?

The shipping company employee will contact you if the order is outside Riyadh (or a representativeOrouba Center of inside Riyadh) on the mobile phone number registered with us to coordinate with you on the date of receiving the shipment. It should be noted that the incoming calls to your mobile must be answered so that the representative responsible for the delivery can coordinate with you on the date of receiving the order. Please note that the official working days at Orouba Center are from Sunday to Thursday, and delivery is not available on Fridays, Saturdays, holidays and public holidays.

If you are not at home, all you have to do is contact the customer support team during official working hours on the number 0500852623 and we will set another date for delivery that suits you.

13/ What are the available payment methods?

Payment methods available at the Orouba Center store

1- Pay online via mada, Visa and MasterCard

2- Pay via Apple Pay

3- Payment in installments through Tamara and Taby

14/ How do I pay with Tamara?

1-Choose Tamara at checkout

02- Sign in or create a new account

3- On your first request, we will need to verify your National ID/Iqama

4- Pay your first payment and continue with the rest of your payments through the application