Shipping and delivery

The order is approved after paying the value of the product

- The shipment is transferred to the shipping company directly after finishing its packaging within one working day

Inside Riyadh within 3 working days to 7 working days.

The shipping process takes from two to seven days depending on the region to which the shipment is sent, if the shipment does not contain overweight products.

Recharge value:

25 Saudi riyals to any city within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for products that do not exceed a weight of 5 kg and the size does not exceed 60 cm height * 40 cm width

Shipping overweight products

Overweight products are shipped through the transportation offices and received from the transportation company office directly.

The delivery time for overweight products may be from 7 to 15 days, depending on the regions and the schedule of transportation companies.

Payment methods

Paiement when recieving*

Payment service upon receipt for all parts of the Kingdom for only 15 riyals

Pay by credit card (Visa - MasterCard) *

SADAD service *