Replacement and retrieval policy

Center store guarantees that all products are new, unused, and undamaged. However, if there is any damage to the product, we kindly ask you to inform us within three days of receiving the product. The store will replace the product at no cost.

Replacement and return policy

1- The customer can return or exchange the purchased goods within three days of receiving the goods, provided that the returned or recovered goods are complete and in the original cartons. And must be accompanied by all the accessories attached

Also, all documents that have been submitted must be attached to or with the original shipment such as manuals, instructions for use, etc.

3 In the event that the same returned item is not available in stock, the customer is given the choice of either receiving similar or better goods as a substitute or waiting for the supply of new goods or receiving a financial credit (receipt) for the full amount of the goods

   4 The company will cover the shipping expenses in the event of a factory defect estimated by the company or if the goods are damaged or wrong, provided that the period does not exceed three days after receiving the product. Either in the case of the customer's desire to change the color or the desire of the customer has changed in general, the customer is responsible for the full shipping costs and you can inform us via (

5- The value of the returned goods is refunded by transferring the amount to the customer’s account within 10 days from the date the goods are returned. In the event that the credit card is used for purchase, it will be returned to the credit card account itself.

Refund and replacement method:

1- A bill of lading is sent to the customer’s email, so the email must be valid upon request. In case it is not correct, please contact the store through the email.

 Then it is printed and affixed to the shipment and delivered to the nearest branch

 Warranty for electrical appliances
The warranty period for all electrical appliances is two years

In the event that the product fails to operate during the warranty period, the customer can perform maintenance at the nearest product representative according to the purchase invoice. The customer shall bear the full shipping costs, and the maintenance period after receiving the product from the customer is 14 working days. Or ship the product to us and