Exchange and return policy

The Orouba Center store guarantees that all products are new, unused, and undamaged. However, if there is any damage to the product, we ask you to notify us within three days of receiving the product. The store will replace the product at no cost

Exchange and return policy

In case of damage, breakage, or defect in the products:

- The customer must contact technical support within 24 hours of the arrival of the order and attach a photo of the damaged/broken product

- The customer has the choice between returning the value of the product or replacing it with another product of the same value.

In the event of exchanging or returning a product:

It is possible to exchange and return within a maximum of 7 days from the time the order reaches the customer, provided that:

- It must be in its original condition.

- The customer bears the costs of replacement and return.

If a wrong or different product arrives:

The store is responsible for the process of recovering the product for free and delivering the correct product, provided that the product is in the same original condition that the customer received it without damage or damage.

The consumer has no right to return the product in the following cases:

- If the product was manufactured at the request of the consumer or according to specifications specified by him, with the exception of products that have a defect or that violate the specifications specified by the consumer.

- If a defect appears in the product due to misuse by the consumer.


Colors may appear differently due to the fact that each smart device screen has a different ability to display colours. However, we do our best to make sure our images on the store match the actual product colors as closely as possible. Exchange and return do not include products that have a slight difference in color.

Order cancellation and shipping policy:

Cancelling order:

Order cancellation policy

When you cancel your order after delivering your order to the shipping company, the shipping fees will be deducted and the rest of the amount will be returned.

When the shipment is not received for any reason (wrong address, incorrect mobile number, lack of response with the shipping company, and other reasons related to the customer, the shipping fees specified by the company will be deducted.

The store has the right to cancel the order and refund the amount to the customer if the product is not available without notifying the customer.

The store has the right to cancel the order and refund the amount to the customer in the event of a defect in the customer’s order.

The store has the right to delete a product from the orders, ship the rest of the order, and refund the amount to the customer if it is not available without notifying the customer.

Refunds will be made within 4-7 working days.

The customer has the right to cancel the order unless it is confirmed by the store or enters the implementation phase for any reason. This is done by contacting the store’s technical support.

The store has the right to cancel the order for any reason, provided that the customer is notified of this in writing by e-mail or by short message on the phone.

Order shipping:

After executing the order, it will be shipped with our partners based on the address specified by the customer. The store has no role in determining it, and specifying and adding the address is entirely the customer’s responsibility.

- The store has the right to change the shipping company chosen by the customer as it deems appropriate

- The shipping value will be as shown in the order or shipping invoice

- The delivery time of the order will be explained to the customer when he chooses the shipping company

- The order will be delivered on or before the specified period

*Shipping companies have informed us that the order may be delayed for a period exceeding 10 days*

- In the event that the same returned item is not available in stock, the customer has the choice either to receive similar or better goods as an alternative, or to wait for the delivery of the new goods, or to deposit the amount in the customer’s bank card for the full amount of the goods.

       - The company will bear the shipping expenses in the event of a manufacturing defect estimated by the company or if the goods are damaged or wrong, provided that the period does not exceed three days after receiving the product. However, if the customer wants to change the color or the customer’s desire changes in general, the customer will bear the full shipping costs, and you can inform us through the store by making a return or exchange request. After making the return and exchange in the store, the return number is sent via WhatsApp to the number registered in the online store.

- The value of the returned goods will be refunded by transferring the amount to the customer’s account within 10 working days from the date the store receives the goods. If the credit card is used for purchases, its value will be returned to the credit card account according to the applicable system of the Monetary Agency and the Ministry of Commerce.

Method of return and exchange

1- A bill of lading is sent to the customer’s email, so the email must be correct when ordering. If it is not correct, please contact the store through the store’s email or via WhatsApp to request the bill.

2-The customer enters the store, submits a return request, and fills out the necessary information.

. To the shipping company from which the shipment was received, it is then printed and pasted on the shipment and delivered to the nearest branch.


  Warranty for electrical appliances

The warranty period for all electrical appliances is two years

If the product stops working during the warranty period, the customer can perform maintenance at the nearest agent for the product according to the purchase invoice.

The customer bears the full shipping costs, and the period for maintenance after receiving the product from the customer is 14 working days. Or ship the product to us