Terms and Conditions

Al-Oruba Center Company

1. Terms and Conditions

These Terms of Use (the "Terms") are written between you, as the end user of the Al-Oruba Center website, and between Al-Oruba Center. Changes to the law or the work of Al-Oruba Center may require changes to the conditions from time to time (“Amended Terms”). Therefore, orobacenter urges you to review the terms periodically to see any such changes, and you are responsible for reading the terms and privacy policy of the site. ("Privacy Policy") Careful reading, approval and acceptance of each time you use the website, and your continued use of the website means that you accept to comply with the latest version of the conditions. If you do not agree to (or are unable to comply) with the conditions, do not use this website.

If you decide to register on the website, at the time of registration on the website and as a registered user, you will have to read these terms carefully and accept them. You will be alerted every time that the terms change to accept the revised terms before you can continue to make a product purchase from the website.

2. User behavior and content

You agree to comply with all laws in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia using your website, and acknowledge that you bear full responsibility for ensuring that you have seen and comply with these requirements.

The website may provide opportunities for users to post comments, other comments, questions, suggestions, and other information (“user content”) on this website or through it via email or phone, or otherwise disclosed, presented, or displayed regarding your use of the website. You warrant the validity of any such user content that you have included on the website (and that it does not violate the intellectual property rights of others), and hereby grant Al-Oruba Center a permanent, irreversible and non-exclusive right without any fees, transferable and a license to use your user content in the manner that Al-Orouba Center wishes to, including but not limited to, copying the said user content, amending and / or deleting it in its entirety or / and preparing it and / or publishing and / or translating it and / or copying works derived from it and / Or sell it and / or distribute this User Content and / or merge this User Content with any template or media Or technology worldwide, without consulting you again, and hereby waives any moral rights in this user content. You agree that you will not post any content that violates public morals, contains defamation, rioting, violates intellectual property rights, or may otherwise violate public morals or violates the law.

Al-Oruba Center Company has the right to use any user content that you have inserted for any purpose, reproduce, disclose, amend, prepare, copy copies of derivative works from it, publish, display or distribute it, without limitation and without any compensation to you in any way. Al-Oruba Center is not obliged in any way to: (1) maintain the confidentiality of any user content; (2) Paying any damages to a user for any user content; (3) Respond to any user content.

You agree that any user content that you post on the website is not in violation of the conditions or any right of others, including but not limited to, copyright, trademarks, confidentiality rights and other personal or other property rights, and that it does not cause harm to Any person or entity. You further agree that any user content that you place on the site does not consider or imply defamation, defamation, or otherwise unlawful, offensive, offensive, or immoral material and does not include software viruses, political campaigns, commercial offers, serial messages, mass e-mails, or any A form of "spam".

Al-Oruba Center does not regularly review the published user content, but reserves the right (without its obligation) to monitor, revise, or remove any user content listed on the website. Al-Oruba Central Company grants the right to use the name that you include in connection with any user content, and you agree not to use any fake email address or impersonate any person or entity or any other misleading regarding the original source of any user content, and you agree to compensate Al-Oruba Center for Any claims that arise from any user content that you insert, and the Al-Oruba Center Company does not bear any responsibility or liability for any user content that you or any of the third parties include.

3. Registered account and user:

In order to purchase any products from the website, you can either register on the site and create an account secured with the password (“account”) or submit a purchase order without creating an account, that is, as a “guest”. Any account you create is considered a personal account for you, and you may not transfer it to any other person. The process of registering or submitting a purchase order (as a guest) is completed after you accept the terms, and the conditions apply each time you submit an order to purchase any product from the email.

In the case of registering and creating an account, you become a "registered user", and you are required to become a registered user or to submit a purchase order for any product from the website as a guest that you are 21 years or older, and to provide information about you that is true, accurate, current and complete in all its details ( (Including name, date of birth, email address, credit card information, and other data) as required during the account creation process or at the time of submitting the purchase order to the website as a guest. In the event that you are less than 21 years old, you can only use this website under the supervision of one of your parents or legal guardian who agrees to adhere to these terms. If you are a parent or legal guardian, agree to