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Prepared sandwiches, waffles and pancakes

DESCRIPTION:Package weight in KGs : 2Type : ToasterBrand : Home Master..
SAR 47.15
Ex Tax: SAR 41.00
Product detailsChurros sandwich heaterIt is used to heat sandwiches.Coated with non-stick material.Easy to use and equipped with a handle, heat insulating surface and light indicators.Its interface is made of white plastic with a wonderful and elegant design.High quality2 years warranty  &..
SAR 92.00
Ex Tax: SAR 80.00
An ideal baking mold suitable for baking, cake making and other household chores.A cake mold made of safe and non-stick materials.Durable modern design able to withstand high temperatures.It can be used for baking, cake making and other usesabout this itemPremium Material: Made of aluminum alloy mat..
SAR 23.00
Ex Tax: SAR 20.00
Effective and easy sandwich warmer مIt warms up your cold sandwich and makes it more delicioussmall size2 years warranty..
SAR 66.70
Ex Tax: SAR 58.00
DESCRIPTION:Holes are wonderfully non-stick to release cakes and donuts without tearing or crumblingCool touch handle enables you to safely check the food as they cookProvides heat distribution and easy clean..
SAR 94.30
Ex Tax: SAR 82.00
makes 2 waffie cups/bowls per batchgreat treat to eat lce-cream or fruit innon-stick surfacepowr and ready light indicatorsconvenient size for easy portabilityelectricity : ac220   1200w..
SAR 102.35
Ex Tax: SAR 89.00
the description:Package weight: 1Brand: DLCblack colorType: sandwich maker..
SAR 89.70
Ex Tax: SAR 78.00
Enjoy preparing pancakes, eggs and other pies in a safe and fast way to make 7 pieces at one time..
SAR 104.65
Ex Tax: SAR 91.00
DESCRIPTION:Package weight in KGs : 2Type : ToasterBrand : Home Master..
SAR 89.70
Ex Tax: SAR 78.00
DESCRIPTION:Biscuit maker 12 pieces at a time.Cool and soft handleNon-stick coating plate for easy cleaningTwo indicators light up on startup and on standby..
SAR 143.75
Ex Tax: SAR 125.00
DESCRIPTION:Package weight in KGs : 2.5Brand : ALSAIF-ELECColor : BlackType : Sandwich Maker..
SAR 112.70
Ex Tax: SAR 98.00
DESCRIPTION:Package weight in KGs : 2 كيلوExternal Product ID : 6934201774115External Product ID Type : EAN-13Brand : DLCColor : WhiteType : Waffle Maker..
SAR 102.35
Ex Tax: SAR 89.00
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