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DLC Deep Fryer with a capacity of up to three liters and a power of up to 2000 wattsFeatures:Detachable control box for simple operationRounded design has no dead angle and easy cleaningHigh strength, rapid temperature rise, stable temperature, oil savingThe stainless steel cylinder head comes with ..
SAR 143.75
Ex Tax: SAR 125.00
The capacity is 3.0 liters.Stainless steel cover.Detachable oil tank, plate and cover.Glass window and filter on the lid.temperature controlBasket of nickel-plated iron frying pan.Enameled oil tank.Non-slip base.Easy to use and clean.220-240 volts - 50/60 Hz - 1500 watts.The warranty from the suppli..
SAR 232.30
Ex Tax: SAR 202.00
. 4 sizes :*. 6 liters 1000 watts*.8 liters 1300 watts*.10 liters 1400 watts*.12 liters 1400 watts*.Modern design*.Several cooking programs*.Internal aluminum bowl*.multifunctional*.external bowl of stainless steel*.non-stick heating dish*. 4 sizes :*. 6 liters 1000 watts*.8 liters 1300 watts*.10 li..
SAR 299.00
Ex Tax: SAR 260.00
the description:Package weight: 1.5Capacity: 6 litersBrand: swordthe color is whiteType: oil panModel Number: AL7201Does this product require a battery or a battery: NoIs this product dangerous or contains hazardous materials, toxic or wastes that are subject to trans..
SAR 437.00
Ex Tax: SAR 380.00
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