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Mixers, boilers, grinders

Electric Onion Chopper 300W-220V. Plastic bowl. It operates at two speeds.Equipped with a high performance motor with sharp knivesFor quick and secure cutting.Stainless steel blades. Guaranteed from the supplied company for two years. .....
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She grinds coffee, cardamom, nuts, spices and spicesThe operation is easy to use and clean and takes no storage spaceStainless steel bowl and blades, a lock key to ensure safety and useOn electricity 220-240V 60/50 Hz working at 200 watts..
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the description:- 1.7 liter capacityStructure: Stainless steel- Washable water filter- Power: 220-240V - 50 / 60Hz - 1850-2200W- A window to know the amount of water..
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the description:The sword toaster is the coffee for youIts capacity is up to 500 mlElectric power 220V 940WEasy to clean and powerfulRoast coffee in a short timeTemperature controlCool handlesExternal thermal insulationTransparent glass cover..
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Ex Tax: SAR 258.00
the description:Another great device from Home Master to make all of your work simpler.Brand: Home MasterType: Popcorn Makers..
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Kenwood is the perfect citrus juicer.The Kenwood juicer has a 40-watt motorStart your day with a healthy and fresh juice cup with the special Kenwood JE290 juicer. With this juicer, you can efficiently extract juices from all citrus fruits,Thanks to its 40-watt, two-way motor, it extracts an abundan..
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Hand slicer for cutting onions and vegetablesHandle for ease of useEgg whisking pieceStainless steel blades..
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Basic featuresA transparent jar provides clear visibilityIt features a built-in strainer that provides pulp-free juiceCompact design with minimal storage spaceSpecificationsThe name of the color is white / pureFixing to the tableModel number RE-2-042Capacity 1.0 LiterPower 40 WThe energy used is ele..
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Ideal for preparing traditional cooking recipes and delicious drinks. 2-liter mixing bowl. 700 watts -   60 Hz V220-240 Stainless steel grater, durable and easy to clean.Interior spice mill, easy to clean and without smell, Made in France..
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Start your day with this stylish, functional and comfortable kettle in Justin KettleHidden heating elementIt features fast heating water and is easy to clean from the inside and has a hole in the cap for easy cleaning and fillingEquipped with removable anti-calc filter for easy cleaningA well-cleane..
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the description:Multipurpose vegetable and fruit grater and grater. It consists of a set of five blades for cutting different shapes and sizes, safety handle, pot, cutting base and paring knife Made of strong and safe plastic and stainless steel blades  High qualityEase o..
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the description:The best mill for all types of coffee bowlMade of stainless steel for grinding coffee, cardamom, nut hearts and spicesCapacity is 100 gramsmade in Japan..
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