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Keon Vacuum Cleaner, 1400 Watts, KIVC/1400

Keon Vacuum Cleaner, 1400 Watts, KIVC/1400
Keon Vacuum Cleaner, 1400 Watts, KIVC/1400
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Keune Vacuum Cleaner 1400 Watts, KIVC

The high quality keune vacuum cleaner has an easy installation and use of the vacuum cleaner is very easy, just plug it into a power socket and let it move around the floor wherever you want to clean until it removes allergens and all dirt

Features of the Keeune Vacuum Cleaner

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with HEPA, a type of filter that blocks and eliminates airborne diseases that cause germs, bacteria and viruses in your home.

This vacuum cleaner is expert at removing pet hair stuck in piles of carpet.

Thanks to its high suction power, the vacuum cleaner removes pet hair as well as unpleasant odors from carpets.

This vacuum cleaner nowadays has a series of advanced features that you cannot even imagine.

When you have a vacuum cleaner with advanced features, cleaning will be easy for you.

Moreover, with vacuum cleaners with advanced features, you will always benefit from having an automatic surface detection sensor to make sure and work effectively.

due to the fact that the vacuum cleaner is a low-cost tool; You will always get better.

So, you can always get the advantage of saving time and energy with less spending.

The portable vacuum cleaner has the right size, moderate weight, low price and convenient use.

It is the commercial vacuum cleaner that has the highest market share as it is widely used in cleaning public places such as hotels, hotels, office buildings, etc.

It has large capacity, high power, strong dust absorption capacity, dry and wet dual use, but the volume is relatively large.

Noise from the power unit can be kept away from the living area.

Easy to clean and store anywhere within easy reach and controlled by its flexible wheels.

This vacuum cleaner also has a great blower with which you can blow air into areas where dust and dirt accumulate.

When air is blown into these places, dirt is dumped into more accessible areas, allowing it to be easily absorbed into the vacuum cleaner bag.

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