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Dallah Sword for making Arabic coffee, 600 ml

Dallah  Sword for making Arabic coffee, 600 ml
Dallah Sword for making Arabic coffee, 600 ml
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Indulge in the delicious and premium taste of Arabic coffee with the Dalla JLR 170E Arab Arabic Coffee Maker. Arabian coffee is world renowned for its distinctive taste. Its generous flavor is rich and energizing and is the perfect pick me for the morning. Brewing Arabian style of coffee using traditional methods can be quite time consuming. Fret not, for the Dalla Arab Arabic Coffee Maker simplifies making aromatic Middle Eastern style coffee. The coffee maker is very easy to use and comes with a traveler bag that contains all the accessories. The auto keep warm function of the Dalla coffee maker preserves the warmth of your coffee for up to 3 hours. The coffee maker has a holding capacity of 400ml and is easy to clean.

Key Features

Easy to use

Traveler bag with all accessories

Auto keep warm function for 3 hours

Dry protection and safe use

Capacity 600 ml

Easy to clean

Auto Keep Function, Dry Protection

The Dalla JLR 170E Coffee Maker specs make sure you brew that perfect blend of Arabic coffee with utmost ease. The appliance keeps your coffee warm for up to 3 hours and thus ready to be served. Its dry protection feature intelligently switches the coffee maker off if there is not enough water.

Perfect for Everyday Use

The Dalla JLR 170E Arab Arabic Coffee Maker reviews point towards its excellent make. The coffee maker has the holding capacity of 400ml, which is enough to brew 15 to 20 small cups in one go. Made using heat resistant polypropylene, the Dalla coffee maker comes with a traveler bag with all accessories. It is extremely easy to clean. What’s more? the appliance can also be used as a water boiler.

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